Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Birthday Boy

Well today is Kirby's birthday. He would rather not celebrate, how silly is that. I don't think age is the issue, heck he still looks 20 (or younger). But I refuse to let this day slip by without wishing him a happy birthday. I have much to celebrate. On March 4th 1973, Kirby Allen Gray was born. The first born son of Shirley and Allen. The best husband on the planet to Charity Gray, and the funnest of dads to Madyson, Skylee, Teagan, and Ryder. This is a special day for all of us, because it was the beginning of a life that would mean so much to so many people. We love ya Kirb. (Even if you are getting old). Sorry the date gave it away.


The Wachel Family said...

Happy Birthday Kirby...we love you!!!

Mallory Clan said...

Uh...is that Kirby or Ryder, so hard to tell. We wish we could've been there to celebrate with you. I mean who wouldn't want to party at the Taco Amigo?

Happy Birthday old man...be grateful you have the gift of looking at least 10 years younger. I hate you.