Saturday, January 31, 2009


I decided that since my sister can't manage to take 5 minutes to get on and blog about the goings on in her world then I will do it for her. Charity has been very busy. All of her girls are busy with gymnastics, where Charity also teaches. Last year was a good year. Probably the best part of it was the trip taken to visit her amazing sister (me) in Arizona. Apparently however, she did not find this blog worthy so I will save her the trouble of feeling guilty for not gushing over this harrowed event and post a blog for her. You can even take the credit Charity. She, along with our sister Sallie, my mom, Sallies girls and her own 3 girls hopped in Sallies new car and made the 12 hour trek to 95 degree weather (in October mind you). We had a great time as we always do. The time passed much too quickly as it usually does.

All the kids at Castles and Coasters
Brooklyn and Mady with their "sicles"
Sky and Kalysta enjoying their popsicles
Teagie with her two buds, Walker and Levi
I love this picture. So I posted it.
James with his wives...ha, he wishes.

Now Charity, what I really wanted to do was change your layout and music. We're coming up on Valentines Day and this Christmas layout, while very cute, has got to go. I love Christmas music more than anything but even for me it's time. I was afraid however that it would erase your widgets and such and you might be a little irritated. Let this serve as a warning though my sweet little sister that this page days are numbered. I want to say though that we really miss you...all of you. I look forward to seeing you all again very soon. Until then know that we love you and hope you are enjoying that cold weather. It was 75 today.
Oh and I'm posting the next 3 pictures because I took them. I like them and I felt they were also blog worthy. No, it's ok my feeling aren't hurt that you didn't like the pictures. Really.
I just noticed that I didn't put any pictures of Ry boy. I can't forget that cute little man.
That was the only "smile" I got out of him all day. He saw a bunny hopping across the field and thought it was the funniest thing!
I like this picture. If you understand the way Teagan feels about her little brother you understand this picture. Ok that's all...for now.